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Miika Warsell (aka Aural Night) hails from Finland, and has studied music theory, music history, orchestration, classical composition and MIDI composition for several years. He’s brought us two songs to share: A Very Kind Fairy and Jubilant [Filed under: A]

Stan O’Daffer is a composer working in multiple genres…classical, jazz, film scores, prog rock and more. He’s sharing one of his solo piano songs with us. It’s called Shadows. [Filed under: O]

Gabriele Tosi is an Italian pianist with a degree in classical piano from the Conservatory of Pesaro. He’s shared the title song from his album Andromeda. [Filed under: T]

Doug Hammer is a graduate of Boston’s famed Berklee School of Music with myriad musical credits for albums, jingles, film soundtracks and more…and he’s just released a new double album called Travels…with 39 songs! He’s brought us 3 of them to share with you. Indulge yourself in Back In Your Arms, Jonathan’s Song and the title cut, Travels
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“Solo Piano”. The term has come to describe a genre of music which has become extremely popular over the past 20 years. It mingles elements of pop, jazz and classical music to form a style also been termed “new age”. Artists such as Yanni, George Winston and Jim Brickman have helped define the genre and spread its popularity. Strong melodies, a tender touch and a soothing spirit are hallmarks of this music, which, despite the “solo” reference, may occasionally incorporate other simple instrumentation to frame the mood.

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